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Living the Maplewood experience.

Sitting on the veranda of our 1895 Victorian, located on the edge of Maplewood Village, we observe varied street scenes that epitomize what it means to live the “urban suburban lifestyle”.

Commuters hustling to and from the train station, just across the street. Early morning bread and linen delivery for neighborhood restaurants. Kids falling off their bikes. A parent going on the all important Saturday morning bagel run.  Folks enjoying the music of Cole Porter at the local theater. Dogs barking at our cat, Montague. Moms meeting each other for cocktails on a Thursday night. Fans attending a book signing at our local bookstore. And families meeting up to grab brunch on a Sunday afternoon.

Here, there is no big city living, but there is a warm neighborhood vibe – only, here, I know the names of each of our neighbors.  Here is where you can find the old days existing side by side with progressive values. In New Jersey no less. And the word is out about real estate in Maplewood NJ; in October 2016, the Star Ledger/ named Maplewood NJ the ninth hottest market in New Jersey.   

Come visit Maplewood NJ for a few hours and I bet you’ll find many reasons to stay.  Email me to schedule a tour of homes for sale in Maplewood NJ.

35 Minutes To NYC

NJ Transit | Trains & Buses

Maplewood NJ has one train station and it is on the New Jersey Transit Midtown Direct line. Rush hour time periods are weekday mornings between 6:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. and evenings between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. The rush hour commuting time can be as little as 31 minutes.

Trains stopping at the station can take you directly to Newark Broad Street Station, Hoboken, and Penn Station NY – and all points in between depending on whether it’s a local or express train.  The only major station that requires a transfer to get to is Penn Station Newark. For those commuters who work downtown, the Hoboken train takes them directly to the PATH.

There are two bus stops in Maplewood that take commuters to New York City: The Irvington Bus Terminal and The Hilton Garage. The trip between 30 to 50 minutes, respectively.

UPDATE! This summer, Amtrak is repairing tracks in Penn Station New York.  This will directly impact Morris & Essex commuters from mid-July through the end of the summer. For everything you need to know about alternate travels options, visit The Update, which is managed by NJ Transit.

Tricks of The Trade

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  • My Transit
  • MyTix

Pro Tip: bookmark this on your mobile device and get real time updates on when your train will be at the station.

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Using your droid or iPhone, you can download NJT’s app for buying your monthly tickets via credit card directly from your mobile device. This is super convenient. Works for buses too.

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Shopping Maplewood NJ
Maplewood Village
Springfield Avenue
Ridgewood Row

Ridgewood Row

The sweetest little strip of shops on Ridgewood Avenue known as “Ridgewood Row”. Sandwiched between the South Mountain Section of South Orange and Maplewood, you’ll find consignment shops, the best coffee shop ever, and a gelato shop, just to name a few.

Maplewood Village

The Maplewood Village, nestled on the edge of the Olmstead Brother’s designed Memorial Park, includes the Midtown Direct train station as well as highly-rated restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops, and mom and pop boutiques. In 2015, it won NJ Monthly’s Downtown Showdown.

Springfield Avenue

Springfield Avenue is a vibrant downtown with well-established shops and notable restaurants. It’s also an incubator for Maplewood’s hottest redevelopment plans.

Getting Around Town

Commuter Parking

Permits are issued annually to residents ONLY and there is no wait time!  With proof of residency, you can purchase a parking permit and a Jitney pass.  NJ Transit has two non-resident parking options available: one near train station and the other is a lot near Maplewood Avenue.

Jitney Bus Service

Maplewood has daily Jitney Bus Service that takes commuters from their neighborhood directly to the station. The Jitney Service run Monday through Friday (except municipal holidays), on a fixed route. There are several runs in the morning beginning at 6:00am to 9:00am and several in the evening starting at 5:00pm to 9:00pm

Newark Liberty Airport

You’ve never been so close to a major airport. Newark is about a 20-minute drive.  You can take the train, hire a traditional car service, get an Uber or Lyft – or park yourself.

My husband and I fly often with our three kids – all six and under. If you need some tips and tricks on how to get your family to the airport – and how to manage them once you’re there, shoot me an email.

Uber & Lyft

Good news people, you can use Uber or Lyft to take you anywhere in South Orange and all points beyond. Even for that mom or bro hang at your friend’s house a mile down the street! It’ll cost a little over five bucks and totally worth it.

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Maplewood Fun Facts
  • Maplewood was originally formed as South Orange Township, which was created on April 1, 1861, from portions of Clinton Township and what was then the Town of Orange. Portions of the township were taken to form South Orange Village and Vailsburg, (annexed by Newark on January 1, 1905) The name of the township was changed to Maplewood on November 7, 1922.
  • The center of town is dominated by Memorial Park, a design of the Olmsted Brothers, an influential landscape architectural firm in the United States, formed in 1898 by brothers John Charles Olmsted and Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., the sons of the eminent landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted.
  • Ultimate Frisbee (now called simply "Ultimate") was invented in Maplewood in 1968 by students at Columbia High School. A plaque commemorating the birthplace of Ultimate Frisbee is located in the student parking lot.
  • Maplewood is the birthplace of the wooden golf tee, invented by William Lowell at the Maplewood Golf Club in 1921.
  • Zach Braff, a Columbia High School (South Orange/Maplewood High School) alumnus, filmed a scene in his 2004 film, Garden State, where he and Natalie Portman drive by the front of Columbia High School.
  • In the 2004 Christmas film, The Polar Express, based on the book of the same name, the elves see that Steven, a troublemaker who believes he's innocent, is from Maplewood.
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