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The Buying Process

Everything you need to buy your home.

Buying Process

Perhaps you are first-time home buyer who is eager to buy a new home or maybe a seasoned buyer and seller with a Home Sale Contingency. Or maybe you’re still on the fence, after all, there is a lot to learn about the process before jumping into anything. The best thing you can do at this stage is to hire a capable licensed real estate agent as a guide.

As my client, I will lead you through the process – and even hold your hand when necessary. I’ve been through this before – both personally and professionally. I’ve guided dear friends and perfect strangers who eventually became friends.

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So you think you’re ready to buy a home. That’s fantastic – I’m here to help you. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned seller, I’ll work with you to find a home that meets most of your checklist. I’d like to learn a bit about you and those who will be living with you. The following questionnaire will help us both and give a place to start. Please give some thought to this and don’t worry if you don’t have an answer to some of these. We’ll figure it out as we go – and remember after you see some homes, everything may change!

Once I know what you are looking for, I will put together a customized tour of our lovely towns – complete with a map, list of homes and relevant information, and snacks! Thanks so much.

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